About us

Automatic transmissions are very advanced technologically. Proper diagnosis and repair of the automatic transmissions requires a thorough knowledge of their structure and mode of action and many years of practice and professional experience. Repairs of automatic transmission performed by unexperienced in this field mechanics often result in an increase in the extent of damage, and consequently a significant increase in repair costs and inconvenience associated with prolonged immobilisation of the vehicle.

Our company was estabilished by the end of 1996. As one of the first in Poland specialized in the repairing and service of automatic transmissions. At present we have a specialized workshop, adapted to provide comprehensive service and repair of automatic transmissions. We have all the necessary tools and diagnostic testers software adapted to detailed diagnostics and activities of adaptive in automatic transmissions. Our staff consists of qualified mechanics with extensive experience in working with automatic transmissions. We provide our services using genuine parts and oils provided by the manufacturers of gearboxes.

If you suspect that your transmission is not working properly, or you want to avoid costly repairs after buying a used car with an automatic transmission, trust specialists – contact us!